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The following frequently asked questions are common among those contemplating University of Malaya (UM). This page provides answers to these questions and provides links to useful UM websites that provide additional answers.



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What is the budget cycle?

In preparation for the following year’s budget document, these activities are scheduled to take place:
Month Activity
September/October Budget preparation by Responsibility Centre (RC)
October/November Review, analyse and budget recommendation by Bursar’s Office
November Budget presentation at the University Committee.
December Budget approval and distribution of annual allocation to RCs

While preparing annual budget planning, the following factors should be considered:
(i). Review of current commitments that need to be paid in the next year.
(ii). Review of periodic contract such as rental of photocopy machine and others.
(iii). Activities/programs approved in the current year and need to held in following year.
(iv). Official duty travel within the country and abroad is limited to only necessary travel with a minimal number of officers and economical travel methods.
(v). Activities/ programs that require compliance with standards/acts.
(vi). Official events/ meetings/ conferences/ workshops that are managed every year by ensuring being done in a moderate manner.
(vii). Membership of professional body/agency that must be paid every year.
(viii). Training needs, staff career development and other benefits to staff.
(ix). Consumables for teaching, learning and administrative purposes.
(x). Utilities such as telecommunications, electricity and water.
(xi). Acquisition of assets must be made by hire purchase if it provides benefit to the University.
(xii). License, system maintenance, database, server and other related ICT expenses.
(xiii). Maintenance of university facilities or spaces that may affect the operation of the RCs/Department.
(xiv). Official expenditure on the needs of the Head of RCs such as entertainment, phone allowance, travel claims and others.
(xv). Other official expenses of the RC/department
No Component Definition
1. Current Policy (CP)

It refers to all programs/activities carried out in the current year (except One-Off) that have been approved by the authorities.

Examples of EP are as follows:

● Emoluments

● Utility cost

● Relevant costs for ongoing courses and programs
2. New Policy (NP)

New program/activity including addition or extension to the Existing Policy.

Examples of NPs are as follows:

● Customer Expansion/increased number of students

● Maintenance of new space

● Additional of new campuses

● Expansion of the scope of work / Offering new courses /academic programs
3. One-off Policy (OO)

It is an extraordinary expense, unavoidable and an expense that is not recurring every year.

Examples of OO expenses are as follows:

● Acquisition of equipment/assets

● Facility renovation / upgrade works

● Cost of transfer from one campus to another

Validity period of Operational Budget is from 1st January to 31st December every year
Operational budget is prepared for the purpose of day -to -day operations in managing and administering the University. The Head of RCs are responsible for appropriate use of fund allocation.
Funds allocated but unspent at the end of a financial year will EXPIRE and will NOT be carried forward to the next financial year.

Last Update: 13/01/2022